Sunny Happiness

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 Category: Taiwanese Drama Tags: sunny happiness torrent,sunny happiness eng sub,you are the apple of my eye eng sub watch online,sunny happiness,asian drama torrent

Sunny Happiness


  • Title: 幸福最晴天
  • English title: Sunny Happiness
  • Also known as: Happiness is like a Sunny Day / The Sunniest Day of Happiness / Sunshine Day
  • Genre: Romance, comedy
  • Episodes: 25
  • Broadcast network: Anhui TV / CTV
  • Broadcast period: 2011-Feb-09 to 2011-???-?? / 2011-Feb-13 to 2011-???-??
  • Air time: Everyday / Sundays 22:00 to 23:30



Xiang Yun Jie (Mike He) is rich man who was once divorced, and unknowingly had an eight year old son. He is also a young owner of a hotel. Fang Yong Yong (Janine Chang) is an orphan. She works as a housekeeper in the hotle that Xiang Yun Jie owns. The two of them started their fairytale like love story from a ‘fake marriage’. Xiang Yun Jie’s brother, Xiang Yun Chao (Li Yi Feng), is always hiding in the shadow, he is also the one who completes the love triangle.



  • Mike He as Xiang Yun Jie
  • Janine Chang as Fang Yong Yong
  • Li Yi Feng as Xiang Yun Chao
  • Zhou Zi Han (周子涵) as Wang Lan
  • Li Jin Ming (李今銘) as Kong Xin Jie
  • Li Zhi Nan as Huang Si Han
  • Zheng Wei (鄭偉) as Wang Nian Jie
  • Chen Mu Yi as Fang Shen Fa
  • Chen You Fang as Lin Gui Zhi
  • Tang Ling (唐菱) as Jin Jing
  • Liao Hui Zhen (廖慧珍) as Jin Wen
  • Wu Zhen Ya (吳震亞) as Ba Hu
  • Zhang Qian (張謙) as Xiang Jing Song
  • Li Ping (李萍) as Wang Ya Shu
  • Ma Li Ou (馬利歐)
  • Ming Dao as Yin Ding Qiang (Cameo)
  • Annie Chen as Pan Xiao Nuo (Cameo)
  • Kou Jia Rui (寇家瑞) as Ah Hao



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