Coleen Garcia

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Coleen Garcia


Coleen Ortega Garcia was born on September 24, 1992 in Mandaluyong City, Philippines. She currently resides in Parañaque City and is of Spanish and Filipino descent.

Coleen was asked to join showbiz right after being discovered from her recent commercials. Her career as a commercial model started when she was around 2 years of age, debuting with her mother in a commercial for Johnsons & Johnsons. Ever since then, she has been involved in doing commercials, usually with her mother (in the past). More recent ones include that of SkinWhite, where she starred alongside Mr.John Lloyd Cruz, and that of Lewis & Pearl Cologne, where she first appeared onscreen with current love team partner Enrique Gil.

Coleen Garcia pinoy celebrity  Photo

Aside from being a commercial model, Coleen also has experiences in being a model/endorser. She first started endorsing and ramp-modeling for Just G, the TEENS line for Gingersnaps, as their image model, when she was about nine years of age. Her contract with Gingersnaps went on for two years. Currently, Coleen is signed with BNY as the image model for their TEENS line for casual apparel.

Apart from being involved in show business, Coleen is also a student; currently a college freshman, had once been awarded as the top scholar of Southville International School and Colleges’ TOPS scholarship program, and former editor-in-chief of her high school’s school paper, entitled “The Wire”, as well as member of her school’s Student Council and outreach organization. She is also a proud Christian who attends worship services in CCF (Christ Commission Fellowship).

Coleen Garcia pinoy celebrity  Photo

Today, Coleen is currently one of the newest talents under contract with ABS-CBN’s Star Magic. She has a new youth-oriented show lined up with the said network, in which she shall star alongside former Lewis & Pearl partner, Enrique Gil, as a love team, along with ex-PBB housemates James Reid, Devon Seron, Fretzie Bercede, Ivan Dorschner and Yen Santos, as well as ABS-CBN artists Sam Concepcion (with whom she will also be caught in a love triangle), Arron Villaflor, Heidi Riego, Miles Ocampo, and two new talents.

Coleen Garcia pinoy celebrity  Photo

Just like her Lewis & Pearl role “Angel”, Coleen is considered by friends to be “matakaw” and “one of the boys”, while she is also a self-confessed bully, out of the habit of being “Kariño Brutal”.

She is considered a really friendly, happy-go-lucky person who is also adventurous and very outgoing. She loves to try and experience new things, whether it be with sports, gimmicks, and now showbiz…

Coleen Garcia pinoy celebrity  Photo

Although she had been asked to join showbiz before, she never agreed to do so until today because she felt that she may have not been ready for the challenges and responsibilities that it entailed. However, she finally decided to pursue her showbiz career after realizing that she believes it would help her grow more as a person and discover new things about herself.

In spite of all the happenings and occurrences in her life and career, she vows to remain a spiritual and devoted Christian, keeping God at the center of everything at all times. Just the way it’s supposed to be. Coleen Garcia pinoy celebrity  Photo

Coleen Garcia pinoy celebrity  Photo

Coleen Garcia pinoy celebrity  Photo

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