Three Sisters

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Posted on: June 3, 2011 Category: Korean Drama Tags: drama korea terbaru,korean drama 2012,drama korea terbaru 2012,three sisters korean drama,go se won wedding

Three Sisters


  • Title: 세자매 / Sejamae
  • Also known as: Three Sisters
  • Genre: Drama, family
  • Episodes: 123
  • Broadcast network: SBS
  • Broadcast period: 2010-Apr-19 to 2010-Oct-27
  • Air time: Monday to Friday 7:15 PM



This drama is based on the lives of two generations of three sisters, portraying their relationships and the difficulties they have to deal with. The oldest sister in the second generation, Eun Young, experiences problems with her husband and subsequently suffers the conflicts of a divorce.



Kim family
  • Myung Se Bin as Kim Eun Young
  • Yang Mi Ra as Kim Eun Shil (sister)
  • Jo An as Kim Eun Joo (sister)
  • Jang Yong as Kim Won Tae (father)
  • Park Won Sook as Jang Soon Ae (mother)
  • Lee Je Hoon as Kim Eun Gook (brother)

Jang family

  • Jung Jae Soon as Jang Jang Ae (Soon Ae’s older sister)
  • Kyun Mi Ri as Jang Ji Ae (Soon Ae’s younger sister)

Lee family

  • Song Jong Ho as Lee Min Woo
  • Hyun Woo Sung as Lee Min Chul (brother)
  • Park Jung Soo as Park Young Ok (mother)

Go family

  • Shin Soo Jung as Go Ji Young
  • Ahn Gil Ho (안길호) as Go Tae Young (brother)
  • Park Joon Geum as Shin Sook Ja (mother)
  • Kim Jin Woo as Go Se Jong (Eun Joo’s son)

Other people

  • Shim Hyung Tak as Park Woo Chan
  • Kim Young Jae as Choi Young Ho
  • Suh Ji Hee as Choi Bo Ram (Eun Young & Young Ho’s daughter)
  • Choi Eun Sook as Young Ho’s mother
  • Im Ji Eun as Kang Mi Ran
  • Ahn Seo Hyun as Yoon Goo Seul (Eun Shil’s daughter)
  • Shin Ji Soo as Park Jin Sook
  • Kim Hae In as Kyung Ah (intern doctor)
  • Go Se Won as Park Sang Tae
  • Kim Byung Se as Jae Suk
  • Jung Dong Hwan as Kim Won Bin
  • Seo Kwon Soon as Jae Suk’s mother
  • Kang Sung Jin as Gun Dal (cameo)
  • Kim Young Ran as matchmaker (cameo)
  • Han Da Min as Song Tae Hee (cameo)
  • Lee Dae Ro as Young Ho’s father (cameo)



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