Taiwanese Ariel Lin Quits Acting, “I May Not Love You” Her Last Drama

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Posted on: July 8, 2011 Category: Buzz Tags: ariel lin boyfriend,ariel lin boyfriend 2011,Cheng jia yao,ariel lin boyfriend cheng jia yao,ariel lin 2012

Taiwanese Ariel Lin Quits Acting, “I May Not Love You” Her Last Drama

Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin 28 years old announced on Sunday that she will not be shooting any more television drama serials for the next two to three years, and that she has no plans to release a new music album, according to a report by Channel News Asia website. I May Not Love You might be the last TV work by Taiwanese actress Ariel Lin.

The fresh-faced starlet drops the bombshell by announcing that she won’t participate in any drama series starting from now.

The idol drama darling was the youngest winner of Best Leading Actress in a Television Series, when she took home the coveted award for her performance inThey Kiss Again at the 43rd Golden Bell Awards.

On top of her flourishing acting career, the 28-year-old also beefed up her resume by releasing two albums and starring in a stage play in Hong Kong.

Two years ago, Lin underwent a brain surgery and developed newfound understanding towards life after that.

Shooting television series is a mentally and physically taxing, she said, adding that she’s cutting down on her workload and has no plan of starring in drama series or releasing album in the future.

“I think that we should pursue our dream according to our health condition. I don’t have as much stamina as before and I would love to spend my time with the most important people in my life,” she said.

Taiwanese media speculated that “the most important people” in her life included her boyfriend Cheng Jia Yao and the decision was mostly driven by her wish to follow him to the U.S. to study there.

The actress played coy when asked whether she will go public if she ends up marrying her beau, merely saying: “I will only announce it if it’s something major and important.”

From Yahoo:

“Lately, my strength isn’t what it used to be. I still like acting, but I feel that I should pursue my dreams only as far as my health permits.”

Lin added: “I also want to give my time over to important people [in my life],” pointing out that her priorities in life have changed a lot since she made her showbiz debut at 18.

However, apart from her career plans, Lin is currently dating a man named Zhen Jia Yao, also revealed that she plans to have a low key wedding, away from media interruptions.

“All these years, I have satisfied the public’s expectations but on this matter (her wedding), I might have to be a little selfish,” said Lin.

Source: Yam News, Yahoo

  • mnmngoc

    I am seeking her information and pray her dreams come true… Try and believe that many people love you always~~~

  • Balzyd

    ow oh! i feel sorry for my ariel lin… goodluck in your life struggles….i really admire your peculiar beauty..

  • xolilit

    I wish you a good health, cute lady .. but I am  slightly disappointed , because I am a totally addicted fan of ARJOE. gudluck on your life :)

  • Isabellabarrozo

    so sad news but wish you a good health and the best things in life .. i really miss ARJOE so much ! :(

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